Welcome to Possum Kingdom Emergency Services

The Possum Kingdom East Volunteer Fire Department and EMS proudly serves the communities on the east side of Possum Kingdom Lake. Our department was established in 1954 and continues to be one of the top rated volunteer departments in the state. Our members strive to provide each and every resident with personal service and the security of knowing we are here when you need us.

The firefighters and EMS personnel are committed to your safety and the wellbeing of our area. As part of that commitment they regularly participate in training. Because of the generosity of our community, all of our services are provided at no charge. There are very few organizations that are still able to provide such service. It is our sincere hope that this benefit will be available for years to come.

All of our members are volunteers who give freely of their time to serve the community. A large part of our funding comes from the efforts of our Auxiliary, our annual boot drive, fish fry and private donations. Thanks to our generous community, we are able purchase and maintain state of the art equipment including fire trucks, ambulances and rescue equipment. Private donations are always welcomed and certainly appreciated.

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