EMS Education

Next Class - EMT Basic - Begins August 20, 2015
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Possum Kingdom Lake EMS Education program began in 1995 when the department decided to meet the need of shrinking numbers of volunteers was to train locally.  A non-profit organization with the goal to create excellent entry level EMS provides to primarily benefit the volunteer and small departments that serve rural and frontier areas of Texas.  We accept students from all over the area and thousands of volunteers and career EMS providers of all levels have come out of the program since it began.  Initially only doing ECA and EMT courses, in 2010 they completed their first two Paramedic level classes, and 22 paramedics joined the ranks of area departments. 

All of the instructors at Possum Kingdom Lake EMS Education are certified by the Texas Department of State Health Services and they currently have seven Paramedic level and six Basic level instructors on staff.  The program coordinator is Debra Smith and the Medical Director is Dr. Donald Phillips.

Classes are conducted at varied schedules during the year and are typically held twice a week at night at the fire station.