Insurance Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is "ISO"?

A - The ISO (Insurance Services Organization) is an advisory organization and the principal provider of rating and statistical information used by the insurance industry in the United States. Quality of public fire protection is one of the items of statistical information the ISO provides to the insurance industry.

Q - I own a home at Possum Kingdom and my insurance company wants to know what our ISO rating is.

A - The ISO Rating measures the major elements of a community's fire suppression system and develops a numerical grading called a Public Protection Classification or ISO Rating. Most insurance companies use ISO's PPC codes in establishing premiums for both commercial and residential property policies. In general, insurers develop their rating systems such that the better the PPC at a given property, the lower the insurance rate will be.
Under the PPC (Public Protection Class) program, Possum Kingdom East Side has achieved a rating of 9/10 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the most desirable rating. Lower homeowner’s insurance rates may be available as we increase our PPC rating.

Q - How do I know what the rating is for my property?

A - In order to quilify for an ISO rating of 9, your home must be within 5 road miles of the nearesrt fire station. Anyone located further than 5 road miles from a station has an ISO rating of 10.

You may consider contacting your insurance company to let them know that the new rating may affect your policy.

Note - Our new ISO rating 9/10 becomes effective on 10/1/2014.

Q - What type of fire fighting equipment do you have and where can I find detailed information such as water capacity, gallons per minute etc?

A - Equipment information is listed on the Apparatus page. If you have additional questions, please email us at

Q - Why are there no fire hydrants in my neigborhood?

A - The local water supply system is not capable of providing sufficent volume for a standard fire hydrant. There are flush valves located throughout the system that can be used as fill points for fire fighting but they do not qualify as a hydrant.

Our primary water source during fire fighting operations is our tanker which can carry 3000 gallons of water. We carry a 3000 gallon expandable tank that allows us to dump the tanker on scene and have enough time to refill while we pump from the tank.

We also rely on other departments to provide mutual aid in the form of additional tankers.

Q - What is the average number of firefighters that respond to a structure fire?

A - We are proud of not only our response time but also the number of members that respond. Over the last year, our average number of responders is 10.

Q - Is there anything being done to improve our ISO rating?

A - We are working with ISO to improve our 9 rating to an 8B which will benefit everyone that is currently a 9 by helping to possibly lower insurance rates. It is important to remember that each insurance company rates their policies and the ISO rating does not guarantee lower rates.